Church Re-Opening Update #1 教會重啟更新 #1

The church will provide an update each week on Friday to offer information regarding re-opening. Please subscribe to this page and look for these updates in order to pray and prepare! Information will relate to the church’s general re-opening plan as well as specific measures as they are formalized and implemented.

Question: How is MBCLA approaching re-opening?

The church has formed a re-opening team in order to answer this question. We plan to take a deliberate and measured approach so that we can proceed in full compliance with local health official orders and informed by input from church members.

The Los Angeles Department of Public Health defined a five-stage reopening process based on risk. We are currently in Stage 2, in which low risk businesses are able to open. On Tuesday, May 26, LA DPH provided guidance for faith organizations to resume modified in-person worship services. They also updated their re-opening protocols for workplaces and created protocols for places of worship. We are currently reviewing these documents.

To aid our planning, we invite church members to fill out this survey. Questions relate to Sunday service, fellowship groups, and children’s ministry. We hope to understand the feelings and expectations of our members in order to craft, communicate, and implement an informed re-opening plan that fits the church. Your participation is appreciated.

May God bless you and keep you!




洛縣公共衛生局(LA DPH)以風險為準,設定重啟的5個階段。我們現在是在第2階段,只有屬於低風險的商業可以公開運作。5月26日,也就是本星期二,LA DPH 頒布了對宗教機構修正性面對面崇拜的指南。同時,該局也更新了他們對工作場所重啟的協議,並頒發宗教崇拜場所的重啟協議。教會目前正仔細研讀這些文件。