Church Re-Opening Update #5 教會重啟更新

It has been three months since we began streaming our worship services. We long to return to in-person worship services and we are pleased to communicate the milestones we have developed in order to do so.

Question: What are MBCLA’s milestones in order to resume in-person worship service?

The core team, with its facility and worship service subcommittees, has defined seven milestones to chart our progress toward resuming in-person worship service.

  1. Physical building adapted to mitigate health risks (e.g. signage, disinfectant stations)
  2. Cleaning plan defined and arranged (e.g. disinfecting between services)
  3. Screening procedure defined and prepared (e.g. screening questions, contactless thermometers)
  4. Internet bandwidth expanded and reliability improved (e.g. upgraded service, new wiring)
  5. Attendance tracking (for contact tracing) defined and tested
  6. Reservation system defined and implemented
  7. Modified worship service plan defined, prepared, and communicated

In future updates we will provide details and progress toward these milestones. We will also continue to monitor the health landscape in our state and county. We are concerned by the increase in cases and deaths and will be praying for recovery metrics to improve. We pray that our neighbors in the community return to health.




  1. 教會設施 (facility) - 修整教會建築及設施以期減低健康風險,如加設標誌,消毒小站等
  2. 清潔消毒 (cleaning) - 已策畫並釐訂清潔消毒程序,如在兩堂崇拜之間進行全面消毒等
  3. 初步檢查 (screening)- 已策畫並釐訂初步檢查程序,如初步檢查問題,購買零接觸體溫測量計等
  4. 線上性能 (capability) - 已增加互聯網頻寬及其可靠性,如已將服務等級升級,線路更新等
  5. 接觸追蹤 (tracking) - 已策劃,釐定並已完成測試出席者追蹤程序
  6. 出席預約 (reservation) - 已策劃,釐定,完成預約系統程序
  7. 崇拜方式 (format) - 已策劃,釐定“修正式”有關崇拜各方面的方式