Church Re-Opening Update #9 教會重啟更新

With today’s update we will resume describing the church’s milestones in order to resume in-person worship service. We would like you to know that preparations continue so that we will be ready when it is safe to return. As followers of Jesus we are commanded to have a faith that works and we endeavor to accompany our faith in Jesus with appropriate preparations.

One of our milestones concerns the definition and arrangement of a church cleaning plan. Among other arrangements for the physical building, our cleaning plan focuses on maintaining sanitation by regular and reliable cleanings and disinfecting common objects and surfaces.

What is our objective with this milestone?

A regular and reliable cleaning plan is an important step to provide confidence in the health and safety of our building and its physical surfaces. This confidence comes from the understanding that regular and reliable cleaning offers another vector from which to protect health. It supplements our screening procedures and physical distancing measures by preventing the virus from lingering on common items and surfaces.
When you return, we want you to return to a clean church building, trusting that the worship service, bathrooms, chairs, and objects you might handle will be clean.

What has the church done or planned in order to meet this milestone?

The church has prepared to change the air conditioning filters on both campuses and change the HVAC exchange ratio to have a greater percentage of fresh air in the building. We have defined and implemented office cleaning procedures so that work stations and office items are disinfected after use. These are some of our preparations.

Specifically, with regard to future worship services, the church has arranged for nightly cleaning that includes thoroughly cleaning the bathrooms. High contact areas such as door knobs, hand rails, and elevator buttons will be cleaned multiple times a day when in use. We have also planned for disinfection between services, including such surfaces as microphones and the pulpit area. Finally, some items have been ordered to expedite cleaning and make it more effective, such as handheld sprayers.

What else should members know about this effort?

These preparations alone are not enough to guarantee safety. But they should be understood as part of a larger plan. This plan also relies upon the personal practices of those who return. We would encourage you to complement what the church has prepared by maintaining good practices such as wearing a mask properly and continuously, and being responsive to the volunteers and their directions. You might also consider additional, voluntary preparations such as bringing personal disinfectant, even though it will also be provided at disinfectant stations.