Church Re-Opening Update #12 教會重啟更新

The next milestone concerns attendance tracking. Our congregations have taken attendance in various ways over the years in order to shepherd our members better. Attendance enables us to note those who are absent, in order to provide them a phone call. Our preparations to return to in-person worship service give us a reason to revisit attendance in order to further develop it and standardize it for the church.

What is our objective with this milestone?

We intend to track attendance through a unified check-in system for all language groups. We also plan to gather and maintain updated contact information for attendees. Taken together, this will allow us to assist the county in contact tracing if necessary.

What has the church done or planned in order to meet this milestone?

One of our re-opening subcommittees has evaluated multiple options for attendance tracking. They ultimately chose an option that integrates with our church’s existing systems and provides robust Chinese language support.

We have begun to purchase equipment for the check-in system and plan to test the system soon, with an expected completion date by the end of August.