LA County Health Update 洛杉磯縣(洛縣)健康狀態更新

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Significant changes to county health orders have recently been made. We do not intend the church to be a primary outlet for such information, but we would like to bring attention to this health order to promote awareness.

LA County has provided a health order that corresponds with California’s Limited Stay At Home Order. The LA County Temporary Targeted Safer At Home Order is in effect until 11:59pm on December 20.  This order is the reason that local restaurants have suspended outdoor dining. It further states:

All persons within the County Public Health Jurisdiction must stay home, except to travel to and from Essential Businesses, to work at or provide service to a Healthcare Operation or Essential Infrastructure, to work at, perform or obtain services from an Essential Governmental Function, to engage in Essential Activities, or to participate in permitted individual or household activities while practicing social distancing. 

A summary of the LA County order can be found here.

In the past four days we have seen a large number of cases: 5014, 5150, 7593 and 5987. Hospitalizations have similarly surged. Although our participation on its own may not have a large impact, we pray for a community effort to reverse the trend.



  • 進行”必要工作”
  • 在醫療衛生機或必要基礎設施工作或提供服務
  • 在/從政府機構提供/獲取必要功能
  • 參與必要活動
  • 在恪守社交距離情況下參與政府認可之個人或家庭活動

請點擊查看洛縣局部居家令英文概要在過去四天內,洛縣確診病例高達5014,5159,7593 和5987。入院治療人數也相對地正在增加中。雖然我們教會會友共同的防疫努力,也許從總體來說可能微乎其微,然而我們仍然鼓勵弟兄姊妹們每人都盡一己之力,維護社會的共同安全。