Church Re-Opening Update #27 教會重啟更新

MBCLA will resume in-person worship services this Sunday, May 2. In preparation for this, we invite our church family to join with us in prayer for this transition, our volunteers, spiritual vitality, and the physical health of our community.

Let us pray:

  • That all church people can access the worship services, whether online or in-person;
  • That there is no disruption to worship service so that we can focus on our Great God together;
  • That our volunteers are excited and prepared for their acts of service;
  • That we may respond with wisdom and grace to any unexpected situations;
  • That Sunday, May 2 marks a new chapter in the ministry of the church and enables us to provide improved pastoral care;
  • That God protects the church and the local community from the pandemic, so that society may continue to re-open and God’s people can fellowship in-person;
  • With gratitude for all who are involved in the re-opening and heartfelt thanksgiving for the sustaining grace of our God.



  • 教會所有的弟兄姊妹們不論在教會實體參與,或經由線上加入都能參加主日崇拜;
  • 在崇拜程序中,我們能專心敬拜我們偉大的神,不被任何突發事務分心;
  • 在崇拜中服事的弟兄姊妹們都靈裏火熱,準備周全,而會眾對他們的事奉存感恩之心;
  • 若有任何突發狀況,求神賜給我們以智慧和恩慈應對;
  • 5月2日為教會事工開啟嶄新的一頁,求主幫助教牧同工們,藉此契機,今後能夠更好地牧養弟兄姊妹們;
  • 求主保護我們的教會及周邊社區在疫情中的安全,以致社區可持續逐漸重啟,神的子民得以早日再度面對面在主裏交流;
  • 為重啟事工中所有參與服事的教牧同工與弟兄姊妹們獻上感謝;並對神豐盛無盡的恩惠衷心感恩。