Church Re-Opening Update #28 教會重啟更新

Last Sunday, May 2, we resumed in-person worship service. We are grateful for everyone who came to worship together and hope it was edifying for you! We also hope that those who streamed the service were able to access it and benefit from the live nature of the worship service. For this week’s update we would like to offer some reminders:

  1. Registration takes place each week. Please be reminded to register between Monday morning and Friday night for the upcoming Sunday service. Your advance registration helps ushers to prepare the seating.
  2. Please continue to arrive early for service, up to 30 minutes early. The process will get faster as we become more familiar with it but the number of attendees will also increase. Coming early will assure that you can be greeted and seated before service begins.

We understand that not everyone is ready or in a position to return to in-person worship service and we hope you can worship heartily where you are. If you were waiting to preserve seating for others, please know that each of our services had additional capacity last week and we would be blessed to see you.

Los Angeles County recently entered the Yellow Tier and health conditions continue to improve locally. We pray for God’s continued protection, and we also pray on behalf of those dramatically affected by COVID-19, such as in India, that they would receive help and find relief.


  1. 參與實體敬拜每週都需要報名。請記得若想參加下一主日的崇拜,請在週一早晨到週五晚間之間報名。如果大家都早一點報名,招待弟兄姊妹們就可以有較充裕的時間安排崇拜時的座位。
  2. 請繼續在崇拜前30分鐘之內到達教會。雖然當我們對報到程序較熟悉時,報到所需時間就會縮短,然而,隨著疫情的好轉,參與實體敬拜的人數也會相對增加。早些到達教會可以確保你和家人在崇拜開始前已完成報到並入座。