Church Re-Opening Update #36 教會重啟更新

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As a reminder, the church provides screening of those who join in-person for worship service for your protection. We have summarized the questions below for simplicity, and will also include it in the bulletin for easy reference:

We ask that you join us online rather than in person if you:

  • Have had COVID-19 symptoms within the last 10 days,
  • Have an elevated body temperature, or
  • Are currently subject to a Health Officer Isolation or Quarantine Order.

We understand that County guidelines can be complicated. Recent updates to the Health Officer Order went into effect on July 31, August 19, and August 23. Please understand that we try to follow the latest guidance. For example, we have brought our screening with regard to international travel in line with County and CDC guidance. For Domestic Travel and International Travel recommendations and requirements, please see this link.



• 您在過去十天內曾有新冠病毒病徵
• 您的體溫超高;或
• 您目前正在接受“衛生官醫學隔離令”(Health Officer Isolation) 或 “檢疫隔離令”(Quarantine Order)

教會深深體驗到洛杉磯縣所下達的各種指南的複雜性。例如最新的”衛生官醫學指令”在短短三週之間,就分別於 7 月 31 日,8 月 19 日和 8 月 23 日更新了三次。請了解,教會將盡力根據最新指令行事。比如說,教會有關國際旅行的檢測問題目前完全根據最新洛縣及疾病控制和預防中心(CDC)的指南。如欲了解本國及國際旅行建議和要求,請按此鏈接