Church Re-Opening Update #37 教會重啟更新

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We have received questions about the Los Angeles City vaccine mandate and updated CDC travel guidelines, so we wanted to provide a reminder and affirmation of our screening process at MBCLA.

For those who worship in-person, we will check your temperature and ask you to wear a mask while indoors. We do not require proof of vaccination.

We encourage you:

  • To read the CDC’s updated international travel requirements.
  • To keep a copy of your vaccine card with you if you travel or do business in the City of Los Angeles (see SafePassLA for more info).
  • To consider vaccination or booster shot if you have not already. The COVID-19 vaccine is now available for children as early as 5 years old, and the booster shot is available six months after your second dose.

Within the next two weeks we will also have updated information about in-person ministries – Sunday school, Friday fellowship groups, and children’s ministry – as we continue our re-opening.


教會最近收到許多會友有關洛杉磯市政府所發佈的疫苗令及聯邦疾病防治中心(C D C)的最新旅行限制的問題,因此,我們將藉這次更新提醒各位洛杉磯國語浸信會的檢測程序。