Church Health Notice 教會保健通知

Dear MBCLA Family,

We recognize that the everyday risk for exposure to COVID-19 is currently very high. In Los Angeles County alone there were over 43,000 cases reported on Friday. This is why we practice screening and take preventative measures. This is also why we need to regularly evaluate our approach and adapt. For example, we had intended to resume children’s fellowship this week. In light of the rising number of cases we have instead postponed children’s fellowship and transitioned our youth fellowships online.

Please take precautions and monitor your personal health. Even within our church we are not exempt. The church has received notification regarding at least one positive case of COVID-19. In response, we have contacted all known close contacts of the positive case(s).

If you have a positive test result and were recently at the church, please email so that we may follow-up.




如果你近日曾來教會,而你的的測試呈現陽性,請電郵至 與教會聯繫,以便跟進。