COVID-19 Update

Public health officials have advised large gatherings to be limited at this time. In compliance, the pastoral staff has prayerfully decided to transition all worship services online and suspend other church activities until March 31, 2020. We will monitor the situation and extend the date as needed. Please refer to this letter from Pastor Alan Chan for more information.


To view the videos, please use the links below: 線上觀看直播影片請點擊以下鏈結:

Below are some additional links with helpful information: 以下網站提供可靠資訊:

For pastoral assistance, please call (626) 282-2467 during regular business hours. For information about county social services, dial 2-1-1. Finally, please subscribe to this page to receive updates by email. Thank you!

如需教牧的協助,請在業務時間致電 626-282-2467。有關洛縣所提供社區服務,請打2-1-1。最後,請務必訂閱此頁才可接到及時的資訊更新電郵, 謝謝大家!