Letter to the Church

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The pandemic has been a trying time for us. Some families have had to bury loved ones due to COVID-19. Others have faced changes to their work, education, personal health and family life.

As a church, we recognize that the last two years have also posed a challenge to the way we relate to God and interact with Him. For this reason, we made it a priority early in the pandemic to provide accessibility. Although we longed to gather in-person, we wanted every member to have access to the worship service, prayer meetings, and fellowship groups online. That required the purchase of equipment and licenses, many volunteer hours, and creative, individual efforts such as call-in helpers. We learned a lot, and we are grateful to have been able to provide connection to each other and to God in this way.

As we look to continue restoring ministries in-person, we wanted to pen a letter to communicate the heart and intention behind our planning, and also make a personal appeal. We want to acknowledge some of the reasons why members may not have returned, and encourage you to come out and rejoin us. We want you back in person to worship and serve our Lord together!

Some frequently asked questions you may be wondering about:

  • Will the church suspend in-person ministries again? We understand the challenge to change rhythms and mobilize families. Although we cannot foresee the contours of the pandemic in the future, we want you to know that it is our intention to continue resuming ministries in-person, and to restore them permanently. We want to avoid the whiplash of change and uncertainty that it causes, and we want you to know that we’ll be open to receive you when you are ready.
  • Is it safe? We want you to know that the church is as safe as our public schools, dining establishments, and other indoor experiences. Some members still avoid all indoor activities, and we invite you to continue to livestream our services. But for those that it pertains to, we want to provide the assurance that returning to church in-person is as safe and normal as resuming other elements of life.

As members of the Core Team that has coordinated the church’s COVID-19 response and re-opening, we are praying for you and we look forward to seeing you again.



Core Re-Opening Team

Pastor Alan Chan, Pastor Daniel Chan, Minister Robert Chan, Pastor David Chi, Pastor Garrett Ho, Pastor Juju Huang, Deacon Will Pih, Pastor David Wang, Minister Ian Yeung, Deacon Richard Yu, and Mrs. Rita Yu.