English Lead Pastor Search

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
The search for English Lead Pastor has begun. We have added a page to our website which gives more information about the position. Please join us in prayer as we receive applicants, and consider referring potential candidates to the link above.

Church Re-Opening Update #40 教會重啟更新

By God’s grace, health conditions have improved around us. Cases have significantly decreased and there is no variant of concern on the horizon. In response, LA County updated its Health Officer Order to enable organizations and businesses to set their own requirements regarding indoor masking.

Beginning on Saturday, March 19, masks will be recommended but not required indoors at MBCLA regardless of vaccination status. We want you to know that you will be welcome with or without a mask, and we hope this notice will enable you to prepare for the change. We also hope to avoid any judgment for wearing or removing masks.

Please note that masks are still preferred and necessary for some of our members. In particular:

  • Choirs will remain masked indoors in March by mutual agreement, and will make a decision in the future regarding April.
  • Children's ministry will require teachers to wear masks indoors, while children are recommended but not required to wear masks.
  • Groups that meet in homes should follow the instruction of their hosts.

Let us also remind you to join our worship service livestream if you have symptoms of COVID-19 or other ailments.




  • 詩班在雙方同意的情況下,三月份在室內唱詩時仍戴口罩,近日將決定四月份是否仍繼續戴口罩。
  • 兒童事工將要求老師們在室內配戴口罩,我們建議孩童們戴口罩,但他們不是必須要戴口罩。
  • 在個人家中聚集的團契,請配合主人是否戴口罩的意願。













陳寶聲牧師,陳東昇牧師,陳穎恆傳道,祈少麟牧師,何耀華牧師,黃崇哲牧師,畢東偉執事,王傳義牧師,楊顯基傳道,余國輝執事,余許月娉姊妹 謹上

Letter to the Church

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The pandemic has been a trying time for us. Some families have had to bury loved ones due to COVID-19. Others have faced changes to their work, education, personal health and family life.

As a church, we recognize that the last two years have also posed a challenge to the way we relate to God and interact with Him. For this reason, we made it a priority early in the pandemic to provide accessibility. Although we longed to gather in-person, we wanted every member to have access to the worship service, prayer meetings, and fellowship groups online. That required the purchase of equipment and licenses, many volunteer hours, and creative, individual efforts such as call-in helpers. We learned a lot, and we are grateful to have been able to provide connection to each other and to God in this way.

As we look to continue restoring ministries in-person, we wanted to pen a letter to communicate the heart and intention behind our planning, and also make a personal appeal. We want to acknowledge some of the reasons why members may not have returned, and encourage you to come out and rejoin us. We want you back in person to worship and serve our Lord together!

Some frequently asked questions you may be wondering about:

  • Will the church suspend in-person ministries again? We understand the challenge to change rhythms and mobilize families. Although we cannot foresee the contours of the pandemic in the future, we want you to know that it is our intention to continue resuming ministries in-person, and to restore them permanently. We want to avoid the whiplash of change and uncertainty that it causes, and we want you to know that we’ll be open to receive you when you are ready.
  • Is it safe? We want you to know that the church is as safe as our public schools, dining establishments, and other indoor experiences. Some members still avoid all indoor activities, and we invite you to continue to livestream our services. But for those that it pertains to, we want to provide the assurance that returning to church in-person is as safe and normal as resuming other elements of life.

As members of the Core Team that has coordinated the church’s COVID-19 response and re-opening, we are praying for you and we look forward to seeing you again.



Core Re-Opening Team

Pastor Alan Chan, Pastor Daniel Chan, Minister Robert Chan, Pastor David Chi, Pastor Garrett Ho, Pastor Juju Huang, Deacon Will Pih, Pastor David Wang, Minister Ian Yeung, Deacon Richard Yu, and Mrs. Rita Yu.

Church Re-Opening Update #39 教會重啟更新

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

With this update we want you to know that Children’s ministry will resume in-person on Sunday, February 13. We will resume classes at 9AM and 11AM for your children P2 (born before Sept 2018) up to grade 6 in the Education Building.

English Youth Sunday school will also resume on Sunday, February 13.

Additional information will be provided when it is available through worship service bulletins or from your ministry leaders as we resume other classes, groups, and English Youth Worship in-person over the next two months as conditions improve.





Church Health Notice 教會保健通知

Dear MBCLA Family,

We recognize that the everyday risk for exposure to COVID-19 is currently very high. In Los Angeles County alone there were over 43,000 cases reported on Friday. This is why we practice screening and take preventative measures. This is also why we need to regularly evaluate our approach and adapt. For example, we had intended to resume children’s fellowship this week. In light of the rising number of cases we have instead postponed children’s fellowship and transitioned our youth fellowships online.

Please take precautions and monitor your personal health. Even within our church we are not exempt. The church has received notification regarding at least one positive case of COVID-19. In response, we have contacted all known close contacts of the positive case(s).

If you have a positive test result and were recently at the church, please email info@mbcla.org so that we may follow-up.




如果你近日曾來教會,而你的的測試呈現陽性,請電郵至 info@mbcla.org 與教會聯繫,以便跟進。

Christmas Eve Service 聖誕夜崇拜

Please join us in-person or online for our Christmas Eve Service on Friday, Dec 24 from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

The direct link to the livestream is here, or you can visit media.mbcla.org and select the Main Campus stream.

We have a special sing-along together. For practice tracks and other information, please see the Music & Worship page.


你可點擊崇拜直播, 或點擊media.mbcla.org ,選擇觀看正堂直播。

當晚我們將一起享受頌讚的時刻,弟兄姊妹會齊聲以歌聲讚美主。 如欲提前學習曲目,請到教會音樂崇拜網站下載樂譜,音檔及其他資訊。

MBCLA Missions Conference 宣道年會 (Dec 3-4)

MBCLA Missions Conference (Dec 3-4)

Please join us in-person or online for our Missions Conference on Friday, Dec 3 at 7:30pm and Saturday, Dec 4 at 9:30am.

Fri, Dec 3, 7:30-9:00pm, MC Sanctuary

Speaker: IMB President Dr. Paul Chitwood

Direct link to Friday livestream from Main Campus


Sat, Dec 4, 9:30-12:30pm, GWC

Speakers: Dr. Paul Chitwood, Victor Hou, & missionaries

Direct link to Saturday livestream from Garfield Worship Center




12/3 (週五) 7:30 - 9:00pm 正堂大堂
講員: Dr. Paul Chitwood (現任美南浸信會國際宣道部總裁)



12/4 (週六) 9:30am -12:30 pm 嘉惠堂
講員: Dr. Paul Chitwood , 侯偉達弟兄以及數位宣教士


教會重啟更新 #38





  • 國語堂崇拜 (每週日早上9點及11點)
  • 國語青少年崇拜(每週日早上11點)
  • 兒童崇拜(每週日早上9點)


  • 英語堂崇拜(每週日早上9點)
  • 英語東南亞崇拜(每週六下午6點)
  • 粵語堂崇拜(每週日早上11點)


  • 國語浸信會格蘭朵拉分堂崇拜(每週日早上10:45)



  • 從12月5日開始,兒童事工將恢復包括學前2 (在2018年9月以前出生的小朋友)到六年級孩童在11點舉行的兒童主日學。參加9點兒童崇拜的孩童們,可接下去繼續參加主日學,家長可在12點主日學結束後來接小朋友。至於幼稚園及幼年班的孩童們,家長必須在崇拜跟主日學之間接管他們。
    欲知詳情,請與陳杜素平師母 (paulinechan@mbcla.org)聯繫。



  • 從1月7日星期五開始,兒童事工及青少年事工將恢復週五晚間的團契聚會。亦即 Missions Friends, Kids for Christ, BASIC, 和 Total Devotion將恢復週五晚間7:30分的實體聚會。這些團契將不提供網路連線。
  • 週五晚間團契所需教室都已預留,如果需要在週間其他晚上聚集,教室預留也可協調。若欲預留教室,請先告知你的團契負責人,並與教會辦公室經理鄭梁淑英 (stella@mbcla.org)聯繫。若欲預留體育館,請於張述信傳道 (justinchang@mbcla.org)聯繫。



Church Re-Opening Update #38

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Winter Quarter is upon us and the church would like to provide an overview of in-person Worship service, Sunday school, and Fellowship ministry arrangements. Given the dynamic nature of re-opening, we encourage you to review the following information:

Worship Service

Main Campus

  • Mandarin Worship Service (Sundays at 9am and 11am)
  • Mandarin Youth Service (Sundays at 11am)
  • Children’s Worship (Sundays at 9am)

Garfield Worship Center

  • English Worship Service (Sundays at 9am)
  • English-SEAM Worship Service (Saturdays at 6pm)
  • Cantonese Worship Service (Sundays at 11am)


  • MBC Glendora-Mission Worship Service (Sundays at 10:45am)

Sunday School

Language groups are returning additional Sunday school classes to the campus for in-person instruction in December. Please consult your language group worship service bulletin for up-to-date class offerings. Hybrid or streaming options are available on a class-by-class basis.

  • Starting Sunday, December 5, Children’s ministry will resume 11am Children’s Sunday school for Preschool 2 (born before September 2018) through grade 6. Grades 1-6 children who attend 9am Children’s Worship can stay for Sunday school and be picked up when it concludes at noon while children kindergarten and below must be picked up between sessions. Please contact Pauline Chan (paulinechan@mbcla.org)

Fellowship Ministry

For those groups that are ready, we are planning a January restoration of Friday night fellowships at the church. Children and Youth fellowships will return in-person, enabling parent and adult groups to also meet at the church.

  • Starting Friday, January 7, Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry will resume Friday night fellowships. This means that Missions Friends, Kids for Christ, BASIC, and Total Devotion will begin meeting at their usual 7:30pm time. These meetings will not be available online.
  • Rooms have been reserved for other Friday fellowships and can be available for other nights by arrangement. Please speak with your fellowship coordinator and contact Office Manager Stella Leung (stella@mbcla.org) for room arrangements. Contact Minister Justin Chang (justinchang@mbcla.org) for gym reservations.

Thank You

We want to be sure to thank our volunteers who make these ministries possible. Thank you to our teachers, counselors, check-in volunteers, A/V, and many others who continue to serve so that we can worship, learn, and fellowship together. We look forward to seeing more families return to the church!