A Joint Statement from California Leaders in Response to the SBC Sexual Abuse Task Force Report

As a church, we lament the findings of the recent Guidepost Solutions report. We invite our church family to pray for the victims, integrity among our denominational and local church leaders, and appropriate responses and changes. Please see the joint CSBC statement which follows: 

Dear CSBC family,

At the 2021 annual meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, our extended Southern Baptist family addressed concerns regarding the handling of sexual abuse claims by the Executive Committee and as a result, there was a demand. The demand, from messengers representing our churches, was for transparency and honesty relating to the hurt and pain exposed. 

The heartbreaking 288-page report from Guidepost Solutions was made public on Sunday, May 22, disclosing the actions of the Executive Committee of the national Southern Baptist Convention. The abuse brought to light in the report is a cause for us to grieve for those children, women, and men who have suffered sexual abuse. We are saddened by the pain these individuals have experienced. We are disturbed by the manipulation revealed in the report. We take these horrific offenses seriously. 

We commit to pray for the sexual abuse task force as they have an important responsibility in responding to the report and bringing necessary recommendations.

Together we mourn with the victims and intercede on their behalf. We ask God for His will to be done. And we pray for wisdom as we move forward continuing to do the work of the kingdom.


各位親愛的弟兄姊妹們,獨立調查機構「指標解決方案」(Guidepost Solutions)的調查報告結果使我們心情極為沈重。我們請求會友們為受害者,為本宗派及本地教會領袖們的誠信正直,以及對於此報告做出合宜的回應和改革同心獻上禱告。請參看加州美南浸信會聯會(加州南浸聯)的聲明如下:





我們的心因著調查報告中所披露包括男女及未成年的性虐待受害者感到憂傷。我們悲戚於這些受害者所經歷的苦痛。對於報告所揭露的操作處理方式我們深受攪擾。我們以極嚴肅的態度面對這些嚴重的錯誤 。


讓我們齊心與受害者同哀,為他們代禱。我們求神完成祂的旨意。當我們繼續前行為神的國度做工時, 懇求主賜給我們智慧。