Worship Service and Contact Information

The church office will be temporarily closed to comply with the California Stay at Home order. If you need assistance, please call (626) 692-5751 or email info@mbcla.org.
教會辦公室將暫時關閉,以符合“加州留在家中”的命令。 如果您需要幫助,請致電(626)692-5751或發送電子郵件至info@mbcla.org。

Sunday service will continue to be streamed on Facebook at the same links. Come and join us at online at the regular hours, or view the videos anytime afterwards!
主日崇拜將繼續通過“臉書”相同的鏈接, 請按時在線上加入我們,或者之後隨時觀看視頻!

  • English Live-Stream 英語堂崇拜線上直播 on Sundays at 9am
  • English SEAM Service posted on Saturdays at 6pm 英語堂 SEAM 崇拜周六晚6時上傳
  • Mandarin Live-Stream 國語堂崇拜線上直播on Sundays at 9am
  • Glendora members and Mandarin Youth are encouraged to tune in to the Mandarin Live-Stream. 請格蘭朵拉分堂弟兄姊妹觀看「國語堂」的直播崇拜
  • Live-Stream Instructions 線上直播應用指南
  • Mandarin Sunday School Online Classes 國語主日學線上課程
  • Cantonese Live-Stream 粵語堂崇拜線上直播 on Sundays at 11am
  • Cantonese Sunday School Online Classes, Online Videos & How to join 粵語堂網上主日學: 視頻, 線上課程一覽及線上参與指南.
  • MBCLA weekly Children’s Ministry Bible lesson video 國浸週間兒童事工課程影片 (age 2 – grade 6; 2 歲到6年級)
    LifeWay Bible lesson video 聖經課程影片
    LifeWay Registration tutorial 註冊和註冊後指南
  • Donation by check can be mailed to the church office (payable to MBCLA, send to: 110 West Woodward Avenue, Alhambra, CA 91801), or Online Giving as detailed below:
    Easily give one-time or regular donations using these steps:
    1) Enter the church website “www.mbcla.org
    2) Click the “Online Giving” button
    3) Click the “Create Profile” button
    肢體奉獻可郵寄支票(抬 頭:MBCLA)到教會辦公室(110 West Woodward Avenue, Alhambra, CA 91801),或用 網上奉獻 Online Giving,詳情如下:
    可以在網上簡單易行奉獻,並可 設定自動轉賬來定期奉獻,即使外出,也可使用網上奉獻。只需按照 以下簡單步驟:
    3)點擊『Create Profile』按鈕