Church Re-Opening Update #20 教會重啟消息更新

Dear Church Family,

We celebrate that Los Angeles County has moved into the Red Tier. The number of cases and deaths has continued to decline and we are grateful for the increasing health and safety of our communities. We pray that the trend continues so that we can progressively restore our ministries in-person.

With so much information to cover, we will again provide weekly updates. With our update this week we would like to provide an overview of some of the elements of our preparations and steps toward reopening.

  • Office – This week we began renovation of our main office. The church received a significant donation of carpet, for which we are grateful. We will therefore re-carpet much of the main campus. Related to this, we are taking the opportunity to fix, organize, and refresh some areas of the building in advance of reopening. There will be some disruption of internal office activity while this takes place, but we hope to open the office and increase hours in coordination with the return to in-person worship service.
  • Worship Service – This Saturday our A/V teams have trainings on our new equipment, which includes cameras and streaming hardware. We will also record our Good Friday and Easter Services in the sanctuary, which will give us practice and test our technical preparations and health protocols. In the weeks to come we will increasingly record from the church and test our streaming quality so that our worship services can be accessible and provide good video quality for those who tune in each week.
  • Other Ministries – Next week the MBCLA Boy Scouts troop will hold a small outdoor event in the GWC Parking Lot. The church developed guidelines for small group, outdoor events and this pilot event will allow us to evaluate the appropriateness of our guidelines and develop a process for other groups to begin to meet. We know that you have all wanted to gather and we hope to enable you to do so safely and incrementally, in keeping with the reopening of other areas of community life.
  • Feedback – Next week we will also provide a survey to hear from you. Who plans to return for our first in-person worship service? What are your expectations? What questions do you have? Etc.

We do not have an exact date for our first in-person worship service. We are working with each language group to find an appropriate date when they will be ready, and our plans remain contingent upon maintaining or progressing in health conditions. But we press forward with training, practice, and testing and we will communicate developments with you as they take place so that you can plan for it.

Would you join us in prayer?

  1. Please pray for the continued decrease in the number of cases, especially as restrictions relax.
  2. Please pray for our training and volunteers, that we might invite more members to be involved, train well, and continuously improve.
  3. Please pray for that God would be glorified through our preparations, relationships, ministries, communication, and dependence upon Him




  • 教會辦公室 - 自本週起,我們開始維修教會本堂辦公室。我們很感恩,因教會日前收到了一批為數甚大的地毯奉獻。因此,本堂大多數地方的地毯將會翻新。也因為如此,我們藉此良機在教會重啟之前,對本堂部份地方作維修,整理,並翻新的工作。當這項工程進行時,可想而知的,教會辦公室的一些例行公事將會受到影響。但是隨著教會重新開始舉行實體面對面敬拜的同時,我們也期盼能重新開放辦公室,並延長對外作業時間。
  • 崇拜 - 教會影音組將於本週六接受教會因應重啟所購置的照相及直播等器材的使用訓練。即將到來的基督受難日及復活節崇拜都將在教會實地錄製。這兩次的實體錄製將提供參與事奉的同工們實地操作並測試我們在器材上的準備,及防疫衛生規程充足與否的機會。在未來的數週內,我們將逐漸增加在教會實地錄製,並測試直播品質,以致會友不僅每週日可以很容易地在網路上參與崇拜,並能享受優質的視頻。
  • 其他事工 - 在我們教會集會的童子軍本週將在嘉惠堂停車場舉行一項戶外活動。教會近日為小組戶外聚集擬定了集會指南,此次童子軍的活動將給我們評估此集會指南之適用性的機會,並協助擬定其他團體將來戶外聚集程序的指標。我們深知弟兄姊妹們期盼早日在教會重新聚集的願望,我們願本著依循社區其他方面重啟的步調,提供會友逐步,安全重聚的機會。
  • 重啟意見調查 - 我們將在下週舉行徵求會友對於教會重啟意見的調查。有哪些會友準備在教會重啟第一時間就參與實體敬拜?會友對教會重啟有哪些期盼?有什麼問題?等等。



  1. 請為重啟相關的培訓及參與事奉的弟兄姊妹們代禱,也求主感動更多的會友願意參與服事,培訓順利進行並不斷改善
  2. 請為我們在為重啟所做的一切準備上,我們的人際關係,事工,溝通訊息及凡事對神的依靠上都使神得到榮耀來一起代禱