Church Re-Opening Update #23

In response to the Re-Opening Survey, we would like to announce the May 2 return of in-person, indoor worship services:
  • Mandarin Worship Service: 9:00am, Main Sanctuary
  • English Worship Service: 9:00am, GWC Sanctuary
  • Cantonese Worship Service: 11:00am, GWC Sanctuary
  • Glendora Mission: tbd, FBC Glendora
Those who tune-in will be able to access the livestream for these services through In-person attendance will initially be limited, but we plan to expand capacity, add additional service times and return other in-person ministries after we’ve re-established these worship services. In the coming weeks we will share plans and instructions so that you will know how to reserve your seat and what to expect when you join us in person. Please continue to visit this website for more information:
  • April 16 Update – RSVP; Check-in; What to expect when you arrive
  • April 23 Update – Worship Service Order; How to access the live streams
  • April 30 Update – How to Pray for Reopening
Thank you also for your responses to the survey. We have been readying our technical capabilities for some time and your feedback on the re-opening date enabled us to finalize and announce the date. Here are some results and observations from the survey:

Question: Which best describes your plan for in-person, indoor worship service if they begin on Sunday, May 2?

Thirty-seven percent of those who responded said that they would attend a Sunday, May 2 in-person, indoor worship service. Thirty-five percent indicated that they would wait additional weeks. Twenty-eight percent communicated that it may be a while before returning. We estimate from these responses that interest in the May 2 worship services slightly exceeds our initial capacity, which we have limited in order to accommodate check-in procedures and social distancing. We also recognize that a significant number would like to join later in May and June and we will need to expand capacity to make it possible.

Question: What is your primary reason for waiting additional weeks to return to in-person, indoor worship service?

The primary reason that members gave for waiting additional weeks to return – nearly half of the responses – was to “see how church health and safety guidelines are implemented.” As church staff, volunteers, and attendees this reminds us that others are watching to see how re-opening is conducted. An orderly, safe return will enable others to join us for worship. Some members are waiting for the vaccine. Some members want to make sure that worship service is not overcrowded. Meanwhile some members indicated their desire to prioritize the return of others before themselves given the limited capacity.

Question: What is your primary reason it may be a while before you return?

Those that indicated it may be a while before returning provided reasons for their decision. The largest portion are waiting until more restrictions have been lifted on worship services. A similarly large portion are waiting for vaccination. We also acknowledge those who are unsure about the effectiveness of the vaccine, those who like the convenient option of watching online, and those who are waiting for additional ministries to return like Children’s Ministry. As a church we do not have control over all of these factors but we will work on those factors we can affect so that you may return.
Other Observations:
  • Members asked about outdoor worship service. While the re-opening team prioritized online accessibility and a return to the sanctuary, we have and continue to consider outdoor accessibility as well. In the weeks that follow re-opening we hope to enable outdoor seating at the church.
  • Members expressed interest in expanding our technological capabilities and hiring technical staff. There are growing pains associated with purchasing, installing, deploying and training for new equipment. We appreciate the volunteers who have been involved and the church’s interest in this area. We, too, are interested and exploring options.
  • Members asked what the guidelines will be for worship service and when other groups can return. As we mentioned earlier in this update, we will provide worship service guidelines through a weekly update. Ministries will be restored incrementally but it will take place slowly so that few people are left out when to in-person meetings.