LA County Health Update 洛杉磯郡公共衛生更新

Los Angeles County recently confirmed 5,031 new cases of COVID-19. This is the highest number of daily new cases L.A. County has experienced throughout the pandemic. The county has warned that if the five-day average of cases exceeds 4,500, a Safer at Home Order will be mandated for three weeks. The county and the state are prepared to take additional actions to prevent the infection from spiking further.

We communicate this information in order to amplify the need for caution. The rise in cases is alarming. Hospitals are filling up. The progress we had made in lowering the curve is being threatened. Please pray, practice social distancing, wear a mask, observe the curfew, limit personal gatherings, and consider additional precautions for your health and the health of others. Thank you.



Church Re-Opening Update #18 教會重啟更新

Dear Church Family,

We are planning to resume in-person, indoor worship service in early 2021. Although Los Angeles County remains in the Purple Tier (i.e. no indoor worship services) with little change in daily cases over the last two months, we are praying that conditions will improve. We also want to be ready when they do.

In order to be ready when the county health order is relaxed, we are planning volunteer training and other preparations. These trainings are for those involved in the worship service, those who provide technical support such as audio/visual and live-streaming, and those helping with new processes like online reservation, check-in, and screening.

Beginning this month, we are shifting focus towards organizing volunteers. We will reach out to our existing teams to see who would be comfortable to return and broaden the invitation to find additional help. If you have been involved in these ministries in the past, please consider whether you would be available. In this significant, whole-church effort, every person matters. If you are interested to serve, we need and welcome your involvement. Please contact your lead language pastor to let us know.

We hope you will join us in prayer for the health condition of our county and for the provision of members essential for a return to in-person, indoor worship services (Mandarin, Cantonese, English, SEAM, and Glendora Mission). Thank you.






Greetings and Church Ministry Update

Pastor Alan provided a personal message to the church last week. Please check out the video above as he offers pastoral guidance to us. And let us renew our personal health practices, strengthen our prayer lives, and seek creative ways to care for one another while we wait for health conditions to improve.


Church Re-Opening Update #17 教會重啟更新

We recently communicated that MBCLA will postpone in-person worship service until 2021. The purpose of this decision remains to promote health and safety, demonstrate love towards our neighbors, and focus on present ministry opportunities. We pray for wisdom and the leading of the Spirit in this season.

In light of this development, we also want to inform you about changes to our news updates. We are evaluating the frequency and content of our updates so that we can provide what is necessary and helpful. Rather than weekly updates, we expect to provide updates when we have significant information on progress towards our milestones, changes in the health landscape and guidance, and expectations for re-opening.

We invite your prayers and your feedback as we seek to make the most of this time.

Thank you.





Church Re-Opening Update #16 教會重啟更新

Last week, we shared the announcement from the MBCLA Staff and Re-Opening Core team. In coming weeks, we will answer questions that you may have related to the announcement and clarify what it means for our ministries at the church. Before doing so, we will finish explaining the milestones for re-opening that we introduced on June 26 and have since worked to implement.

The final milestone regards screening procedures for those who attend in-person worship service. These procedures must be defined and prepared.

What is our objective with this milestone?

A dependable screening process is required in order to share an expectation that those worshiping together in-person do not have symptoms associated with COVID-19 and have not been recently exposed. While our reservation system and other preparations contribute to health and safety (e.g. staying within capacity, maintaining physical distancing, etc.), it is also important that we separate those who have or may have COVID-19.

What has the church done or planned in order to meet this milestone?

The church has developed guidelines for welcome and screening, placed informational posters and signs at the entrances, purchased hand sanitizers and contactless thermometers, and set up a reservation system.

When we are able to return to in-person worship, you can expect to be greeted at the entrance. A volunteer will next confirm your reservation and check for a face covering. He or she will offer you one if needed, as well as offer hand sanitizer. Your temperature will be taken and you will indicate your responses to the printed screening questions in order to enter. These questions relate to symptoms (e.g. fever, difficulty breathing, cough, flu-like symptoms, loss of taste or smell, nausea) and exposure (e.g. contact). Then you will be invited to join us inside for worship service!





Church Re-Opening Update #15 教會重啟更新

Dear Church Family,

The MBCLA Staff and Re-Opening Core Team recently decided to postpone in-person worship service until 2021. We want to thank you for your patience and understanding. We were hopeful to return sooner but the persistently high number of cases in Los Angeles County prompted us to reassess our timeframe for return.

By way of explanation, here are three primary reasons for this decision:

  1. Safety – Were we to offer in-person worship service, we know that many members would return. Out of an abundance of caution, and the weight of responsibility for the spiritual and physical health of our members, we believe postponing in-person worship service is necessary to keep you safe.
  2. Love of Neighbors – We have a charge to seek our city’s good, the welfare of the place in which we are located. We want to demonstrate by our actions that we love our neighbors, that we only want their good, and that we will consider their spiritual and physical health as well. We believe postponing in-person worship service is necessary for our positive presence and effective witness in the community.
  3. Proactive Planning – The possibility of a near in-person return offered the alluring hope of normality. But the reality is that we have no control over the daily new cases of COVID-19 or other complicating factors (e.g. seasonal flu). We believe postponing in-person worship service is necessary to shift our focus to our online ministries and distanced interaction. Rather than wonder week-to-week if we will return, we can be proactive in our waiting to reorient ourselves toward our mission and more fully develop our present ministries to shepherd and support you.

Please understand that we have come to this difficult decision in an effort to glorify God through the stewardship of what He has provided. We understand that this will be a disappointment to some and we pray that you will thoughtfully consider the reasons for this decision, so that it may be our decision together as church.

Preparations for in-person return continue. We continue to monitor the health condition of the county with the hope that the spread of COVID-19 will abate. And we join together with you to make the most of our opportunities at this moment in history.



  1. 安全:我們相信一旦教會重啟,定有許多會友在第一時間回來教會參加實體崇拜。教會以十二萬分的小心謹慎,背負著維護弟兄姊妹們屬靈及身體健康的責任,因此我們深信必須將教會重啟實體敬拜的時間表延後來保護大家的安全。
  2. 愛鄰舍:我們同時也肩負著為教會所在社區求益處,促進當地居民的福利和健康安樂的責任。我們願意以行動來活出我們愛鄰舍的生活目標,讓他們看出我們只求他們的益處,我們也重視,維護他們的屬靈及身體的健康。我們相信為了教會在社區裏維持正面的形象以及有效的見證,我們別無選擇,必須延後重啟及舉行實體面對面的崇拜。
  3. 積極的策劃:教會如在近期即將重啟,固然可帶來接近恢復常態的希望。然而,事實上每天新增COVID-19確診人數,以及其他如流感等變素,都不在我們掌控之中。我們深信,當我們決定延後重啟的同時,我們可以將注意力集中於線上的各項事工,以及遠距離的肢體交通,關懷。如此一來,我們可以免於時時分心於是否下週將是教會重啟的時刻,而能在這段等待的時期,專心重新聚焦於教會的使命與異象,致力於發展目前的事工,能夠更有效率地牧養,關顧弟兄姊妹們的需要。



Church Re-Opening Update #14 教會更新

The next milestone concerns the worship service plan. The church is responsible to define, prepare, and communicate the changes to worship service in order to ready members to return.

What is our objective with this milestone?

Our objective with this milestone is to have a safe, meaningful, and God-honoring in-person worship service. The service will comply with county guidelines and we plan for it to remain accessible online through live-stream.

We must also effectively inform the congregation of changes to the worship format in advance. This will contribute to awareness and observance for those who return.

What has the church done or planned in order to meet this milestone?

Planning toward this milestone has focused on two areas: liturgy and logistics.

Liturgy – The church has identified changes to the order of service to promote safety while worshiping. Baptism will be pre-recorded off-site and shared and celebrated in service. Singing will also be pre-recorded, in compliance with state guidance for places of worship to “discontinue indoor singing and chanting activities.”

Logistics – The in-person worship service is being engineered for minimal contact. There will be changes to bulletin distribution, offering collection, and communion sharing to minimize touching common surfaces and objects. We will also maintain physical distancing of 6 feet for seating in the service. Related to logistics, the church has purchased live-stream equipment in in order to improve the quality of online viewing.

What else should members know about this effort?

We seek to comply with present state and local guidelines. If and when these guidelines change, we will adapt to meet them. As a result, the items above may be amended in the future.








Church Re-Opening Update #13 教會更新

The next milestone concerns worship service registration and check-in system. In order for the church to guarantee that our attendance is in compliance with the limits placed on indoor, in-person worship services, we will require members to reserve their place and check-in on a first-come-first-served basis. It is important that the reservation and check-in systems are accessible and equitable so that all members can sign up regardless of computer resources or experience.

What is our objective with this milestone?

Our objective with the milestone is to be able to generate a list of expected attendees for the worship service by having attendees register weekly for events. Attendees will be screened and checked on site so that we can maintain allowable numbers in the worship service as mandated by the county.

What has the church done or planned in order to meet this milestone?

The church evaluated options for reservation and decided to use Eventbrite, which integrates with other church systems such as the check-in system. We are currently testing the reservation system’s integration with the check-in system to make the process as smooth as possible. We are also purchasing hardware to have adequate check in locations.

We have been working to define our expectations, guidelines, and check-in process. We are also working on updating our church’s directory for use in the reservation and check-in system and process.  We expect to complete our testing of the reservation system by the end of August.



教會在評估了不同預約制度之後,選擇使用能與教會電腦系統,如兒童主日學的報到系統相鏈接的Eventbrite。我們目前正在測試 Eventbrite與教會既有報到系統的鏈接,並添購多台報到器材,以便利會友完成報到流程。


Church Re-Opening Update #12 教會重啟更新

The next milestone concerns attendance tracking. Our congregations have taken attendance in various ways over the years in order to shepherd our members better. Attendance enables us to note those who are absent, in order to provide them a phone call. Our preparations to return to in-person worship service give us a reason to revisit attendance in order to further develop it and standardize it for the church.

What is our objective with this milestone?

We intend to track attendance through a unified check-in system for all language groups. We also plan to gather and maintain updated contact information for attendees. Taken together, this will allow us to assist the county in contact tracing if necessary.

What has the church done or planned in order to meet this milestone?

One of our re-opening subcommittees has evaluated multiple options for attendance tracking. They ultimately chose an option that integrates with our church’s existing systems and provides robust Chinese language support.

We have begun to purchase equipment for the check-in system and plan to test the system soon, with an expected completion date by the end of August.