Church Re-Opening Update #10 教會重啟更新

As we previously mentioned, the timeline for our return depends in large part on the health conditions in Los Angeles County. Since the number of cases and deaths remains unacceptably high, we invited the MBCLA Health Committee to offer guidance to the church as we continue to do our part to stay safe and flatten the curve. We are grateful for their involvement to implement systems and guidelines that will safeguard our church family when the church reopens at the appropriate time.

Church Health Update

With the recent spikes in testing positivity rates and hospitalizations in LA County, the risk of COVID-19 is real. Cases have exceeded 4 million in America, with California currently representing the majority of overall cases (448,000 cases). Among the cases in our state, the overwhelming majority of confirmed cases and deaths have been in Los Angeles County. With months of data now behind us, we understand that this new coronavirus is not the same as the common flu and it will not disappear on its own. With a vaccine many months away, there are simple measures that we can follow to protect ourselves and those around us.

Motivated by a posture of humility, our love of God, an obedience to God’s word, and our call to love our neighbors, we should take every reasonable measure to limit and prevent the spread of COVID-19. We can follow these simple recommendations:

  1. Wear a mask or face covering whenever in public.
  2. Avoid large gatherings and high-risk activities; when necessary, meet outdoors whenever possible and maintain effective physical distancing (6 feet).
  3. Continue practicing proper hand hygiene (washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds, or using alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol). Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unclean hands.
  4. Individuals who are 65 years and older, have compromised immune systems, and/or have serious chronic medical conditions are considered High Risk and are strongly recommended to remain at home. All those living in multi-generational households, please be abundantly cautious to safeguard the elderly living with you.
  5. If you are sick with symptoms related to COVID-19, contact your primary care physician or call 211 (LA County Information line). Schedule yourself a COVID-19 test with your medical provider or visit to locate a testing site. Self-quarantine yourself for 2 weeks if you are uncertain or are awaiting results. In the fall, when both COVID-19 and influenza are co-circulating, testing and contact tracing will be vital.
  6. If you have a true emergency, are experiencing severe symptoms, or need immediate medical care, go to Urgent Care or call 911.
  7. To stay up-to-date on COVID-19 spikes in your area, you may refer to the Los Angeles Department of Public Health website: This site includes non-residential settings, such as workplaces, food and retail stores, that have had a cluster of 3 or more confirmed COVID-19 cases.

The health committee remains committed to updating church leadership with current data and guidance from the County of Los Angeles. May MBCLA’s church community continue to thrive outside the walls of our church building, as we reach out to encourage one another through phone, mail, and all forms of virtual media. We pray that your families experience peace and your hearts be filled with joy in the Lord now and always.





  1. 出入公眾場所一定戴口罩或面罩
  2. 避免參加人數眾多或高風險的聚會;如果必須聚集,如可行,盡量在戶外舉行並保持六尺的社交距離
  3. 以肥皂洗手20秒鐘,或以含60%以上酒精含量的洗手液持續保持雙手衛生,避免以不潔之手碰觸眼睛,鼻子及嘴部
  4. 年過六十五歲,免疫力低,並/或患有慢性病的長者屬高風險族群,請留在家中,不要輕易外出。幾代同堂的大家庭,請特別留意照顧與你同住長者的安全
  5. 如果你已呈現新冠病毒病徵,請立即與你的家庭醫生聯繫,或撥211洛杉磯郡新聞熱線。與你的醫護人員預約時間作新冠病毒測試,或上網至 找尋適當測試地點。當你確診或仍在等待測試結果時,請自我隔離十四天。待今天秋季,新冠病毒跟流感同時流行時,測試及接觸追蹤將至為重要
  6. 如果你的情況極為危急,病徵甚為嚴重,或急需護理幫助,請到urgent care 或打911
  7. 如果你想掌握你的附近新冠病毒比較嚴重的地點,你可以上網洛杉磯郡公共衛生局的網址: 此網址報告非住宅區場所,如公司,餐館,零售店等累積有三個以上確診的名單