Church Re-Opening Update #18 教會重啟更新

Dear Church Family,

We are planning to resume in-person, indoor worship service in early 2021. Although Los Angeles County remains in the Purple Tier (i.e. no indoor worship services) with little change in daily cases over the last two months, we are praying that conditions will improve. We also want to be ready when they do.

In order to be ready when the county health order is relaxed, we are planning volunteer training and other preparations. These trainings are for those involved in the worship service, those who provide technical support such as audio/visual and live-streaming, and those helping with new processes like online reservation, check-in, and screening.

Beginning this month, we are shifting focus towards organizing volunteers. We will reach out to our existing teams to see who would be comfortable to return and broaden the invitation to find additional help. If you have been involved in these ministries in the past, please consider whether you would be available. In this significant, whole-church effort, every person matters. If you are interested to serve, we need and welcome your involvement. Please contact your lead language pastor to let us know.

We hope you will join us in prayer for the health condition of our county and for the provision of members essential for a return to in-person, indoor worship services (Mandarin, Cantonese, English, SEAM, and Glendora Mission). Thank you.