Church Re-Opening Update #25

We are so excited that MBCLA will have in-person worship services again. As part of this planning, we want to highlight some of the changes to the service to meet both safety standards/guidelines and still have a meaningful and God-honoring service.

What will it look like when we step into the sanctuary?

  • Due to the nature of COVID spreading mainly by aerosols, masks will be worn at all times and families will be physically distanced (6-feet distance).
  • All service elements (Scripture passages, lyrics, and sermon notes) will be projected so there will initially be no physical bulletins, bibles, nor hymnals used.
  • To accommodate more brothers and sisters for the in-person worship, we will reduce the number of our worship leaders, serving teams, and ushers in order to maintain the county’s safety guidelines.
  • In order to give enough time for our volunteers to clean up after the first worship, we will start promptly at 9am (Mandarin and English) / 11am (Cantonese), and conclude worship service within an hour.

How should we prepare ourselves when worship starts?

  • As our Lord taught us, we should be sober and reverent to meet our Lord in spirit and truth.
  • The worship order will be similar to pre-pandemic time with small modifications in order to:
    • Provide a safe distance between worship leaders
    • Take care of both in-person worshipers and those who are attending live-stream online
    • Avoid sharing and cross-contaminating AV equipment
  • We all love to praise God with our voices through reading and singing. Yet, from both research and county guidelines, active singing and chanting indoors will increase the risk of spreading and circulating aerosols. To keep our loved ones safe during worship, we can hum, meditate, and recite song lyrics reverently, joyfully, and excitedly in our hearts as Paul instructed us in Colossians 3:16.
  • An offering box will be near the exit to the worship hall. Instead of passing offering bags, place your offering in the box as you exit.
  • The Lord’s Supper will officially resume on the first Sunday of June (6/6). We pray that the Holy Spirit will humble and prepare our hearts to consume Christ’s body and blood while our Lord is still waiting to celebrate the meal with us in His Father’s Kingdom (Matthew 26:29, Luke 22:18).
    • Ushers will set up pre-packaged elements on a table right outside sanctuary doors for members to pick up.
    • The bread and cup will be taken consecutively with pastoral guidance to minimize taking masks off multiple times.
    • Love offering will not be collected but can be offered in the offering box as worshippers exit.
    • Used elements will be placed in a trash receptacle as they exit.
  • Instead of an altar call, to maintain physical distancing, responses to the sermon and prayer requests will be made online or by phone call.

How should we do after worship concludes?

  • Please do not linger so we have enough time to clean and prepare for the next worship service.