Church Re-Opening Update #26 教會重啟更新

As part of our re-opening, we have created new YouTube channels and playlists for our live streamed services. This information is available at and we wanted to present it to you here as well. Please use the links below to access the worship services while they are streaming or view the playlist of past worship services. Please also consider subscribing to the new channels to receive notifications:

教會重啟計畫中的一環,就是為主日崇拜線上直播在YouTube 創建新的頻道(channels)和播放清單(playlists),這些資訊可以透過media.mbcla.org取得,以下也列出各堂鏈結方便您使用。請使用以下鏈結來參與主日崇拜 (無論您是在線上同步參加崇拜,或是透過播放清單觀看崇拜影片),也鼓勵您訂閱新的頻道得到及時的通知。