Church Re-Opening Update #3 教會重啟更新#3

Thank you again for completing the re-opening survey. The total responses we have received is 683, an outstanding and substantial number. It represents half of our weekly attendance and communicates your feelings, expectations, and risk tolerances as individuals and families. It reflects your love for the church and desire to congregate together. While there is a margin of error, the results of the survey are clear and helpful.

Question: What did we learn from the church re-opening survey?

  1. Attitudes toward returning to a worship service at church were cautiously optimistic. 25% would return at first opportunity. 44% plan to wait several additional weeks. 31% responded that it will be quite a while before they return.
  2. Responses were well distributed among congregations. We received a balance of responses from English (25%), Mandarin (48%), Cantonese (18%), Glendora (5%), and SEAM (4%).
  3. People of all ages responded. The largest group was 50-69 (41%), followed by 30-49 (29%) and 70+ (19%). The age group most interested to return immediately was 50-69 (32% indicated a return at first opportunity).
  4. Our congregations are flexible. Responses the English congregation indicated 78% willing to worship at a different time. 60% of Mandarin and 62% of Cantonese congregations are willing to worship at a different time as well.
  5. You communicated your expectations for church preparations and children’s ministry arrangements.
    1. 75% expect children’s hands to be sanitized on entry.
    2. 73% expect teachers to wear face coverings.
    3. 68% expect children to wear face coverings.
    4. 69% expect doors to be propped or otherwise touchless.
    5. 59% expect clearly marked one-way foot traffic.
  6. We also realize that we won't enjoy the physical company and fellowship of some members for a long time. 51% will wait until most physical distancing guidelines are lifted, and there were a number of write-in responses indicating that a vaccine would need to be available for those individuals and families to feel safe to return.

We want to thank you again for your responses. 183 people took the time to add a personal comment at the end of the survey, in addition to the other write-in remarks. We are reading and taking your thoughts into consideration. When we release a reopening plan or timeline it will not suit or satisfy everyone, but we are doing our best to take everyone into consideration.



  1. 教會重啟時,會眾將採取謹慎小心的態度。答卷者中將近四分之一(25%)表示他們願意第一時間重返教會;超過四成(44%)選擇在重啟初期之後數週才會返回教會;而將近三分之一(31%)則表示,他們會在很長一段時間之後才會重返教會。
  2. 各語言組都踴躍參與。英文堂答卷者佔總數的25%,國語堂48%,粵語堂18%,格蘭朵拉5%,SEAM 4%。
  3. 答卷者涵蓋各年齡層,其中最多者屬50-69歲(41%),其次是30-49歲(29%),70歲以上(19%)。50-69歲年齡層也最積極願意重返教會,答卷者中將近三分之一(32%)表示第一時間即刻重返教會的意願。
  4. 我們教會的弟兄姊妹非常願意與教會配合。英文堂的答卷者中,有將近8成(78%)表示願意在不同時段參加崇拜;國語堂和粵語堂各6成左右(60%及62%)。
  5. 至於對教會重啟以及兒童事工的準備工作,您表達了以下的期盼:
    1. 75% 兒童們在進入教會時雙手會接受消毒
    2. 73% 老師們會戴口罩
    3. 68% 兒童們將戴口罩
    4. 69% 教會的門將被撐開,或不需用手打開
    5. 59% 教會裡標誌明顯的單向通道
  6. 我們也了解到,有許多的會員會在很長的時間之後,才會再回到教會與我們作面對面的團契。半數(51%)答卷者表示,他們將等到社交距離指南大致撤銷之後才會重返教會。在書寫的回答中,也有許多答卷者表示他們要等到新冠疫苗問世之時,才會安全地重返教會。