Church Re-Opening Update #4 教會重啟更新

Much of our focus with regard to re-opening has been on the Sunday worship service. However, there are additional elements to consider. Re-opening also includes the church office, weekday programs, and other ministries. As a church we are progressing in those areas as well. For example, the church office has been open on a limited basis since Monday, June 8th and we would like to describe our present arrangement.

Question: What is the present arrangement for the church office and what can I expect if I visit?

The office is open Monday to Saturday from 9:00am to Noon. A secretary and two staff members are on site to answer phones or help with specific needs. The most common reasons that members presently visit the church is to pick up a devotional or drop-off offering. On some occasions, members may make an appointment to meet with a pastor on site.

Here is what you might expect:

  • Please use the Woodward Ave. entrance. The buzzer will indicate to the office that you have arrived.
  • Come prepared with a facial covering and observe physical distancing.
  • Most interaction will take place in the Woodward lobby; access to the rest of the building is limited.

Staff members are required to follow office procedures. This includes taking a temperature before entering the building. Some volunteers may begin to return by arrangement for tasks that can only be completed at the church. In such cases, volunteers are required to comply with employee procedures as well. We hope that these measures will promote health and mitigate the risk of infection.

These are our temporary arrangements. We miss our vibrant, personal interactions and the sounds of activity throughout the building. Please join us in praying for the health of our surrounding community and the future time when we can fully return to the building and interact with one another.

各位親愛的弟兄姊妹們,截至目前為止, 教會發布有關重啟的更新大都與主日崇拜有關。當然,除了主日崇拜之外,還有許多的地方需要列入考慮及策劃之內,包括教會辦公室,週間聚會及聚集以及其他事項,我們也已開始做相關準備。例如,自6月8日起,教會辦公室已開始作限時限點開放。在這次的更新中,我們將較詳細地解釋教會辦公室目前的作業規劃。




  • 使用Woodward Ave 的大門。請按門鈴讓秘書知道您造訪的理由
  • 請戴口罩,並保持身體距離
  • 絕大部分的時間,您只會在進門處短暫逗留,除非有特殊原因,教會其他部分地方目前仍對外關閉。