MBCLA Statement on Racial Injustice 洛杉磯國語浸信會種族不公聲明

We, the Mandarin Baptist Church of Los Angeles, recognize that every person is created in the image of God with equal dignity and worth. This biblical truth informs our disposition toward others, guides our interactions, and galvanizes us to pursue a more just society.


We condemn racism, which values some groups over other groups. This is incompatible with Scripture and unwelcome at MBCLA.

We acknowledge that racism exists in society today. We further acknowledge that it exists in the church, since all men and women are fallen by nature.

We recognize racism within social institutions and structures, since sinful men and women lead and shape these systems. Christians are called to address and foster change in these systems from a biblical perspective.

We oppose racism in all its forms. In this way, we follow Jesus’ example of loving and protecting the devalued, outcast, and oppressed.

We firmly hold that racism is a spiritual problem. While social reforms address the effects of racism, only a spiritual solution provides true reconciliation and lasting peace. Salvation and victory over sin are found only in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We continue to value grace, mercy, and forgiveness as we promote diversity and inclusivity. God created a diverse world and brings all people groups to Himself. We join God in His mission, practicing the values that God commends.

We also stand in agreement with this statement from denominational leaders in the Southern Baptist Convention and offer this document as a more thorough and biblical explanation of our position.

洛杉磯國語浸信會種族不公聲明 (國語)

洛杉磯國語浸信會種族不公聲明 (粵語)